Common Exercise Myths You Should Know

Regular exercise is a healthy habit. But more than that, it takes proper exercise in order to reap the benefits that it provides. But unfortunately, there are some exercise myths out there so common that most people tend to believe them as fact. Here are some of the common exercise myths that people should be […]

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Study Exercise Boosts Cognitive Abilities By Giving Brain Extra Energy

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for the body. It can even help boost a persons mental capacity. But for the latter, experts dont really know how and why. But recent research indicates that this might have to do with regular exercise providing some extra energy supply to the brain. Researchers from the University […]

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25-Minute Office Exercises

People who work every day in the office tend to bypass exercising, thinking it would consume too much time. This should not be an excuse! Sitting idly on a chair for eight or so hours does not benefit your body as it slows down your blood flow and metabolism. Good Housekeeping creates a quick workout […]

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Exercises to Rid Stomach Fat

Every fitness expert will tell you that the stomach is the hardest to slim down, but with proper exercise, dieting, and a whole lot of patience, you can achieve that six-pack you dream of. The key to getting rid of stomach fat is to lose fat, period. There is no way of targeting the fat […]

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